NGOs Support Program



All non-profitable organizations depend on local and international donors to finance their important projects. Therefore, they usually have to manage with tight budgets and cannot afford quality translation services for their newsletters, studies or reports.


Since one of the major aims of TT International Group® is to enhance translation quality in the Middle East, the company decided to support NGOs' work through a special support program.


Throughout the year 2010, it will grant thirty thousand dollars (30,000.00 USD) to non profitable NGOs in Lebanon and the Arab countries, to help them get their message right and build their societies on the basis of equality, civil rights and sustainable development.


The said amount will be divided as follows: $15,000.00 will be dedicated to Lebanese NGOs and the remaining $15,000.00 will be dedicated to NGOs in the Arab countries, and that as discounts of 10%, 15% or 20% on our three translation services: TPT service, OPE service and OPT services.


To check our fixed rates and time of delivery, kindly refer to our Online Smart Estimator™.


At TT International Group®, We Translate Your Success and We Support Your Work.

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