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We stand out from other companies in this field because we provide our clients with the best translation services and our translators/proofreaders with the best employment opportunities.


TT International Group® aims at expanding to new markets and turning a maximum profit, and we believe that the best way to achieve this is to do the following:


1- Provide our clients with high-quality translation.

2- Offer fair prices.

3- Build trust with our clients by establishing and maintaining a transparent and serious relationship with them.

4- Give our translators the rewards for their work.


To achieve the previous, we have adopted the following system: We give 70% to 85% of the cost of each project to the translators and proofreaders.


We distribute each project to a number of translators who will be jointly responsible for its quality, and that is why we give bonuses to translators nominated by the proofreaders according to criteria specified by our SPT™ system:

1- Best quality

2- Best research

3- Dedication


Just after one year of working with us, translators/proofreaders can become shareholders in the company instead of remaining employees for life. Indeed, after translating 1500 pages, the translator can own 0.1% of the company shares.


The proofreader also will be entitled to the same share upon proofreading 2500 pages.


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