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The proofreading service is absolutely necessary for any report, speech, letter or other piece of writing.


For example, an English/French/Arabic speaker may be highly skilled in reading, listening and speaking. But only a professional and competent proofreader will notice the subtle differences in vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure that make all the difference. Therefore, it is imperative to proofread every piece of writing so that it looks, sounds and feels correct.


The Arabic language is vulnerable to a lot of common mistakes that many highly-qualified doctors, lawyers, judges, managers or students may not recognize as such or know how to avoid.


No matter what kind of document you have in your particular specialization or field of work, be it a PowerPoint sales presentation or a synopsis of a thesis, our proofreaders will ensure that it is linguistically a first-class piece of work.


Our professional proofreaders will focus on spelling mistakes, punctuation, grammar, vocabulary usage, syntax, idiomatic expressions, sentence structure, etc. We also offer to highlight all changes we bring to your document and give justifications for such changes, thus providing you with some insight into where you can improve your style.


Prices vary according to the documentís type, level of difficulty, number of mistakes, etc.


Proofreading only: $20 to $40 per page (250 words)

Proofreading with justifications: $40 to $80 per page (250 words)


To get a quotation, please provide us with the following information:


1. Document language

2. Type of document

3. Page setup

4. Deadline

5. A digital copy of the document to be proofread to enable us to do the word count and send you a quotation. Contact us.


You are kindly asked to fill in our Online Order Form to proceed with this service.



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