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A sworn translation is a translation that has been formally verified for use in official purposes. The sworn translator’s signature and seal attests that it is a true and accurate translation of the original document and gives it a legal effect in a country with a language other than the one spoken in the country of the issuer.


A sworn translation may be required by courts or academic, legal, governmental or financial institutions for certain procedures such as naturalization proceedings.


The following documents are examples of papers that usually require a sworn translation:


Birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates

Guardianship or custody documents

Commercial circulars

Official recognition of academic certificates (high school certificates, university degrees etc.)

Residents' permits

Drivers’ licenses

Powers of attorney

Articles of inCorp.

Minutes of meetings


Contracts (such as employment contracts with foreign firms)


Financial information


How can a translation be certified?

A translation can be certified in many different ways. The service depends on the nature of the document and its usage.

Therefore, certain documents would only need the sworn translator’s signature and seal whereas others would also require the authentication of the document by a Notary Public, the Ministry of Justice and/or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Our successful SPT™ system

All of our sworn translations are subject to the SPT™ system and our customers can choose the translation service they need and which most suits the type of their documents. Therefore, they can choose a one-phase of translation service carried out by a highly-qualified translator (OPT℠ service), they can add to the previous service one proofreading stage carried out by a senior proofreader (OPE℠ service), or they can choose to add two thorough proofreading stages to the translation carried out by two different highly-qualified proofreaders (TPT℠ service), a service most needed for the translation of some decisive documents such as confidential information and contracts between a local and a foreign firm for example where the smallest mistake can be fatal in the court of law to the firm having presented such translation.


Absolute confidentiality

We would like to highlight, once again, that at TT International Group® your privacy is well respected. We guarantee that all documents entrusted to us remain strictly confidential.



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